Flower Essence Single 10ml
Flower Essence Single 10ml
Flower Essence Single 10ml
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Flower Essence Single 10ml

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Each one is gathered at peak bloom time and with deep reverence for what each essence brings forth. An offering is always left, even when they are picked in my own backyard.

Available in 10ml bottles with in an apple cider base. Can also be made with grain alcohol. Please inquire about larger sizes!

Flower Essences are a powerful way of connecting with the essence of plants and also to shift back into the true aligned essence of ones self.

***Prairie Ritual does not make any guaranteed claims as to the outcome and in no way is this to be used to replace legal or medical advice.

Currently available :

- Apple Blossom: Balancing one sided thoughts and codependent relationships. Transformation. Fostering trust & generosity. Mental clarity. Hope. Motivation to self care. Creation of new and exciting ideas. Works on "core" healing and the solar plexus centre.

- Arnica: Addresses the emotional & energetic aspects of trauma in all its forms. Nurtures recovery & rebalancing. Facilitates re-order and structure in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Shines brightly!

- Bleeding Heart: Acknowledge grief. Emotional heart/broken hearted. Strengthen heart centre. Reinvite the spirit of love back into your life. Unconditional love. Loving kindness. A full heart remedy!

- Blue Flax: Growth when shedding, releasing and letting go is needed. Helps us to see unhelpful patterns that are hindering growth. Brings clarity and centering. Recalibration. Awakening.

- Calendula: Healing warmth and receptivity. Open dialogue and communication. Radical vulnerability. Loving intimacy. Softness & loving intention. Compassion.

- Cherry Blossom: Seeing the potential and loveliness in even the smallest things. Childlike wonder& innocence. Hope & harmony. Reconciliation. Compassion & mutual loving kindness to yourself and others.

- Chive Blossom: Confidence. Supports our learning to balance in all that we do. Seeing the opposites and how they rely on each other. Promotes compassion and harmony. Seeing the beauty and possibility in all things. Aids creative visualization. Empowers imagination. Rouses life energy that moves us into new and exciting waters. Signals a shift from one phase of selfhood into another phase of expansion.

- Dill: Balances sensory overload. Refines and clarifies the senses so they can be a vehicle for revelation. Helps us look at the bigger picture. Awaken. Awareness. Receptivity.

- Foxglove: tender heart protector. Brings huge comfort during times of grief, sadness, mourning and heartache. Strengthens the heart centre when feeling vulnerable and raw. Softens the fear of the unknown. Grief can come in many forms and this will hold you through all of them.

- Geranium: finding and understanding one's own strength. collaboration. dissolves fear & guilt brought on by suppressed anger. harmonious support. compassion. fostering of true friendships with yourself and others. trusting of one's gut instincts.

- Goldenrod: Transcend difficult decisions and obstacles. Invites abundance. Deep emotional healing. Balancing. Secure and focused. She gives you permission to take up space.

- Horsetail: Unwavering determination. Tenacity. Energy and vitality to move forward and get things done. Connectedness. A return to vitality and love.

- Lilac: Freedom. Go with the flow. Flexibility. Open mindedness. Ability to embrace change and open to broader perspectives. Enhanced ability to rejoice in others happiness. Transforms our attachments to people, places & things.

- Lily of the Valley: Truest potential. Integrates brain, heart and body for higher consciousness. Affirms the inner child. Puts trust in our own beautiful intentions, innocence, clarity, clear boundaries and spiritual connectivity. Ego vs. spirit.

- Prairie Crocus: Softens the heart and critical mind. Compassion. Gratitude. Optimism. Letting go of what no longer serves us. Trust. Massive growth and deep love.

- Purple Clematis: Tender support for deep hurts. Facilitates a slow and gentle healing process. Radical softness. Step away from competition. Invite co-operative creation. Deprogamming. Alignment with truth

- Red Clover: Patience. Joy. Expanded consciousness. Calm in the face of fear and panic. Independent thought. Self awareness. Flexibility. Renewal. -

- Red Yarrow: Divine Love. Establishes clear boundaries in relationships. Protects the heart centre. Facilitates healing specifically with intimate and sexual wounds. Loving protection.

- Sunflower: Self confidence. Stability. Grounding. Radiant and clear communication. Strength. Find the sun inside yourself.

- Sweet Pea: Abundance. Expansion. Trust in timing. Queer liberation. Cultivation of ideas. Love & connection. Held by community while grieving.

- Usnea: Flexibility. Deep understanding that we are part of everything. Change of life (aging, death). Inner peace. Aids in staying in the present.

- Wild Poppy: Grounding. Clairvoyance. Emotional cleansing. Self worth & love. Enhances intuition. Authenticity. Openness to psychic development and awakening. Boundless creativity.

- Wild Alberta Rose: Surrender. Motivation to live life with joy and love. Deserving of love and thriving. Making a commitment to life no matter the trials and pain. Resilience during times of change. Energy to persevere. An aid through the ever changing healing process.

- White Yarrow: Clear and strong boundaries. Energetic protection. Resiliency. Safety & security. Circulates and regulates energy coming in and leaving the body. Every colour of the spectrum lives inside of this essence.

- Yellow Yarrow: Energetic protection. Boundary strengthening. Stability. Reparenting. Forward movement. Soothes the nervous system.